Celebrating Refugee Week

19th June until 26th June is Refugee week.  

I work with a lot of refugees for local councils and have met some wonderful women, men and children along the way.

I wanted to revisit some work I did a couple of years ago to celebrate Refugee Week.

I wanted to celebrate people whom have endured great hardships and have been forced to leave their home countries, something none of us can ever imagine having to experience.

I have only ever lived outside of Australia for 7 years and in an English speaking country so similar to Australia culturally, but even at times I felt like an outsider, very isolated and sometimes unwelcome.

I wanted to put this work up again, which I loved creating because of the beautiful people I worked with who told me their many and varied stories and at the end of the shoot fed me fabulous food.  Some of these women were in their 90's but sat patiently for me while I adjusted lighting.

I also wanted to celebrate these wonderfully courageous people and the multicultural society we live in as Melburnians, which is full of rich cultures, fabulous food and a great diversity of folk.

These women were an absolute inspiration to photograph and I hope you enjoy seeing these images again.

Kylie Grinham