A trip down memory lane

Occasionally I go through some of my archived images.  

I have shot 100's of thousands of images throughout my lifetime and quite often when travelling I sneak off and photograph in any spare moment I can get.  

I don't often get a chance to come back to these images for many months and sometimes years.

Here are a few images that I've recently gone back and rediscovered.  A client wants some abstract images in print to put up in their offices, so I've been searching through thousands of stock images to select something suitable.

Below is a selection of detail shots I took at Hampton Court Palace, home of Henry the 8th, Richmond, London and the home of John Keats, you know the one featured in 'Birght Star', the film.   I hope you enjoy.

Henry the 8th and his last wife and only surviving Son.

What's so special about this light you say.  It's the basement light in John Keats home near Hampstead Heath.

Portrait of John Keats



Kylie Grinham