Collaborating with other Creatives pt1

I love working with other creatives to bring together a whole marketing package or promotional booklet for clients.  

There is a great level of achievement to be had when you work with a designer who comes up with layout concepts and then commissions you to shoot for that layout.  It's even more wonderful if the copywriter has already interviewed the client or the subject and edited all the copy to fit within the design.  These two simple steps make the images you then take so relevant as they are composed specifically to fit in with the design aesthetic.

It's pretty rare though that clients have design concepts and copy done before I shoot and I usually end up shooting what I think might work as opposed to what I know will work.

Shooting to a particular design layout where the copy has already been written means I can follow the story to accentuate or compliment the copy and compose the image exactly to fit into the design.  

I work regularly with a local Melbourne designer Curtis Miller @ Fenchurch Studios, Melbourne.

Curtis has a select group of copywriters he uses.  They are great at what they do, always deliver on time and love to meet and interview the clients, which is essential. Here are a few pieces that we have created together.

ALERT ELECTRICAL - re-branding, booklets, info sheets, flyers, blog and social media, presentation folders and business cards.

Curtis Miller of Fenchurch Studios did a re-brand for ALERT which led to a series of designs that would compliment a whole package of marketing materials required by the commercial electrical company.  They wanted a sophisticated marketing package that showcased the size and professionalism of their company.  The marketing material was specifically targeted at local government organisations and so we chose a location to shoot in where we could have the staff in 'real life' work situations.