The difference between 30 minutes and 1 Hour

Sometimes my clients like to book me for a solid days shoot to get the most value for their money.  Fair enough I say.  

A schedule is created with back to back shoots, different locations, sometimes with only 5 minutes to set up.  Sometimes I have only 30 minutes to get into a company get a look at the place, come up with shooting concepts, set up equipment, take the required shots, pack down, move to another location in the venue, set up, shoot again, then pack down and get back to the car to load it up and head off to the next location.  PHEW !! Pretty challenging.

I never know what the venue I'm shooting in will be like, whether it will be full of light or as darks as a cave, whether it will be chucking down with rain, force gail winds, baking hot midday sun or even whether I will have to shoot standing on the edge of a main busy road.

But that's the way it goes and I have grown to love working at high speed and under great pressure.  I see it as such a great challenge and have learnt along the way to communicate well with the people I'm photographing, think rapidly on my feet and just go stuck in and make sure I can get what my clients want.

One thing I have learnt along the way is the difference an extra half an hour can make.  

It gives the photographer the opportunity to hear about what the business does, see the whole venue to scout out the best positions to shoot, set up unique lighting so it is not the stock standard stuff, maybe even get up a crane and take a few shots from a different perspective.  It allows me to get more people involved in the shoots, direct them well and build up a rapport making them comfortable being photographed.  It also gives me a chance to do a quick dash around a premises and do some feature shots or machinery, close up of mechanical features or any relevant products.

So now I make sure I let my clients know that the quality of each shoot will depend on having that extra half an hour.  But if we can't manage that I can still achieve quite a bit in a short 30 minute shoot.

Here are a few shots to show what can be achieved in such a short period of time.

These images below were meant to be taken within a 30 minute period.  It took my camera over 30 minutes just to acclimatise to the humidity of the area.  I got the guys to grab some props including a live barramundi and off we went.

EDITORIAL - Stakeholder Magazine - City of Greater Dandenong

I had an hour to shoot this company.  It meant I could briefly chat with the owner about what they do, how they do it and get shown around the entire processing plant to scout out the best locations for the shooting.  The owner was fabulous and really willing to participate in the whole process and very easy to direct.  He was game enough to get in amongst some very filthy product and to allow me the time to set up the lighting I needed to get the shots we wanted.

Kylie Grinham