The Things of Spring.

Spring is so divine in any country anywhere in the world, that is of course, if the country has 4 seasons and Spring is one of those.  

I have always loved the way Spring tells me it's coming by the heady scent of Jasmine in the air, the deep piercingly sweet scent of wild freesias growing in gardens and the emergence of budding flower buds.

In celebration of Spring being here again, the pure amazement of this wonderful planet, our emergence from our slumbers, the raising of heads, expansion of wings and the desire to take off into the future at full speed, below are a few photos of flowers, blossoms, rain drops and snails.  The things of Spring.

Every second morning it's my turn, before I start my working day to wander the streets with my two cute woofas, Dottie and Rosie.  At this time of year all the freezing morning wintery walks are made worthwhile all the more.  

A few days ago I took along my camera and my favourite new lens and well, things just happened and neighbours even let me into their gardens.

Here's to life, love, joy, laughter and the pure beauty of existence.  

In memory of Phillip John Toman to whom I owe my love of Jasmine, my fierce determination to be a photographer and my lasting memory of laughter and endless conversation.  I present you these delicate and delightful images.

I hope you all enjoy them.



Kylie Grinham