A tour of the Yorkshire Dales

I recently spent a brief 3 days hiking through areas of the Yorkshire Dales, Bronte Country mainly.  We stayed for one night in the room, sleeping under the very window,  that is rumoured to have inspired Catherine Earnshaw's visitation in Emily Brontes, Wuthering Heights.  We slept under the window in a replica boxed in bed.

I wanted to experience the area in the depths of Winter, see the harshness of the terrain, but surprisingly it was lovely weather, very mild for the middle of Winter in the UK.  Only one day of frost crunching under our boots, no snow to be had and even some blue skies.  It was still magical, still spooky and wild, weathered and warn.  We wandered the heaths, full of wild grass and heather, the colours were beautiful, rusty, edgy, slate greys and blues cut into by little streams.  Grass that looked like the cotton colour of bunnies tails shivered in the winds and hid the frequent pheasant and other wild birds.

Moss grows on everything, everywhere !!  Home fires burn all day in the little houses between farming land.  You walk and wander through farmers land, public footpaths as they're known.  It never ends.  The cold ,cold air is crisp in your lungs and the smell of the soil underneath your boots is sublime.

At night we sat by open log fires and read Wuthering heights to each other until we fell into deep slumbers.  

We were brought to life and I was reminded how much life has progressed for women since the time of Emily, Charlotte and Anne Bronte.   The Bronte sisters were not allowed to use the parsonage library to access books, as women in that day were forbidden to enter the parsonage library, they had other duties.  The Bronte women also had to publish their poetry and novels under male pseudonyms in order to get them published.  Clever little bunnies that they were.  Their stories or resilience and persistence were stark reminders of how privileged I am, being a photographer, traditionally a very male dominated occupation.  One that would not have been socially accepted in the Bronte sister's time.

Kylie Grinham