CRUNCH - it's crunch time

It's crunch time at the moment.  By that I mean time to harvest the crunchiest apples in the world.  Bold Statement I know.

The apples in question have been grown in our lovely little backyard garden.  

Grown with attention, a whole lotta love and nurturing over many many months, some over many years.  

The anticipation to harvest these apples has been immense. I've waited and waited and waited, then not waited and picked a few before they were ripe.  I've been like a kid on Christmas countdown, sometimes racing in too early and then comes the great regret when I've bitten into an unripe apple. One less apple to enjoy in it's full ripeness.

But the time has come to harvest our apples and boy do we get payback for those many months of tending our trees and their flowers, then fruit.

When we finally pick them off the tree they are so crisp and juicy it is impossible not to eat the apple right there and then.  The juice runs everywhere and you finally remember what it was like when apples were so juicy, crisp and enjoyable.  You learn to bite then suck straight away so that delicious juice goes straight into your mouth.  When I taste that first apple, I'm instantly taken back to Harcourt, Victoria, to the days before the big Empires took over Harcourts apple industry.  To that day on a road trip to Melbourne when we stopped to buy some apples from the side of the road.  To this day I have never tasted the likes of those apples.  They were honey sweet in the centre and so crisp and little.

So here's to the first apples of our little backyard harvest.  Here are a few photos of our lovely apples.  The colours are wild and vary a lot from apple to apple on the same tree.

Enjoy !!

How big is this apple ? So big, too big, not too big..How big can an apple get.

Kylie Grinham