City of Melbourne Internal Communications Marketing Collateral

City of Melbourne have a wonderful and substantial team of people working together to keep Melbourne running smoothly and to keep Melburnians happy.  

They wanted to create a catalogue of images for their internal Communications Strategy and engaged Kylie to spend a couple of days shooting staff in various locations, emulating some of their daily activities in and around inner city Melbourne, where their main offices and buildings are located.  

We used a selection of staff that actually work for the City of Melbourne, rather than talent, as the City of Melbourne wanted the imagery to directly engage their staff and communicate the daily work they do.

We captured staff entering and leaving the buildings, receptionists, customer support workers and telephonists, Park Rangers, Emergency Evacuation Wardens, "The Club' leaders supporting Club members, Library Staff, Assett Management workers, Management leading internal meetings and lunchtime engagement.

They City of Melbourne are going to use these marketing collateral images in their internal communications and designs.