FOOD photography

Who hires Kylie to take images of food for them?  

Food stylists, chefs, recipe developers, magazine / book publishers and editors, restaurant owners, online food promoters or food bloggers.  

Kylie offers a variety of services for use in:  printed and online cookbooks, portfolios for food stylists and recipe developers, marketing, advertising, product packaging, point of sale, online ads, social media, blogs, websites, restaurant menus, editorials and publications.

Kylie will guide you through the process and is able to do all of the pre- and post production, prop sourcing and image capture to take your visions to where you want them to be. She also has kitchen available for use with a small studio attached.

Please get in touch if you would like to understand more about the process and get a concise quote relating to your requirements.  Kylie also produces stock images for clients which can be purchased in her online shop at a fee.