Does your business or company need an image change?  Do you need an image change?   Do you require highly stylised or polished head shots or consistent staff portraits for marketing or website use? Perhaps you need more candid shots for editorials and public relations.

You may feel that your current headshot does not represent your professionalism or the impression you want to impart on your existing or potential clients.  It's vital to have a professional headshot to use on your business digital and social media platforms such as linked in, twitter, Facebook and website.  

Personally, would you hire a professional that uses a random family portrait on their business profile or has a photo of a lego man or their favourite pet or saying of the week?   No, what you want is to hire someone who is as professional about how they represent their own business as you would expect them to be when they work for you.  So why not represent yourself in the best light you can. 

There is an endless use for new professional headshots: social media, press, websites, online ads, blogs, newsletters, advertising, annual reports, business cards, publications and editorials.  

Kylie can visit your offices to photograph individuals, teams or entire companies.  Alternatively she can location scout to find an appropriate venue or provide a studio space.   Please get in touch to have a chat about changing your image.